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What is the right Grouhy TV size for me?

We've put together some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the perfect size Grouhy TV for your space, considering the different screen sizes available:

How to Measure Screen Size:

Measuring your Grouhy TV's screen size is simple. The size refers to the diagonal length, measured from the top left corner of the actual TV screen to the bottom right corner. Most TV sizes are expressed in inches.

Bigger is Usually Better:

Grouhy TVs come in a variety of sizes, and we recommend going as big as your budget allows. If you're considering a 60-inch or larger TV, here's some food for thought: According to internal research at Grouhy, the number one reason people buy new TVs is to upgrade to a bigger screen. And after purchase, satisfaction remains high. So, have a screen size in mind? Maybe it's time to think bigger and avoid future regrets!

Recommended Viewing Distance for your Grouhy TV:

Every Grouhy TV has a recommended viewing distance and angle for optimal placement in your home. The best viewing experience, where you can truly immerse yourself, is achieved when the screen is positioned at a 40-degree angle from your field of view. This viewing angle can be calculated based on the TV's size. To get this ideal distance, multiply the screen size by 1.2. So, for a 60-inch TV, you'd want to sit about 72 inches away, or 1.8 meters.

Recommended Viewing Distances for Grouhy TV Sizes:

Screen Size (inch)

Viewing Distance (meter)


1.07 (3.5 ft)


1.37 (4.5 ft)


1.53 (5.0 ft)


1.68 (5.5 ft)


1.83 (6.0 ft)

Tips for Choosing the Right Grouhy TV Size:
  1. Double-check the TV's actual dimensions:
  • Before you buy, make sure you have enough space for the TV in your room.
  • Compare the TV's exact dimensions with your room's furniture to avoid any surprises later.
  1. Consider the TV's resolution:
  • As screen size increases, so does the total number of pixels, or the resolution.
  • The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality, and the less you'll see individual pixels.
  • When buying a larger Grouhy TV, consider opting for a high-resolution picture quality.
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